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First started in late 2007, Kasey's Mobile Game Review (then just a regular feature of Kasey's Korner) started as a simul-post between here and IGN. Later I realized there's no reason to post it twice, when I can use the traffic on my own site. so, here we are, in 2010, and the mobile game industry has grown a bit. What do you think?

Upcoming Reviews, now you get some previews instead!

NBA logo depicting Jerry WestImage via WikipediaWall-E the official movie (mobile) game -- not bad, 2D puzzle with very simple mechanics: move and throw blocks, collect "items", non-violent, no death either, no time limit. You CAN get yourself into impossible situation though, but restart is free.

NBA 2-on-2 Slam -- move real NBA players around the court and play 2v2 ball. Defend, steal, block, shoot. It's all there, and only 3 action buttons, but it's enough. Every team, most major players from each team, plus 10 legendary teams. However, don't like the slam function at all.
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