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First started in late 2007, Kasey's Mobile Game Review (then just a regular feature of Kasey's Korner) started as a simul-post between here and IGN. Later I realized there's no reason to post it twice, when I can use the traffic on my own site. so, here we are, in 2010, and the mobile game industry has grown a bit. What do you think?

Mobile Game Review of "Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D"

This new 3D version of Crash Kart Racing is a significant improvement over the previous Crash Kart Racing, with much superior graphics, several alternative game modes, and still the crazy racing, this title may actually deserve your dollars.

There are four ways to play this game: cup mode, quick race, story mode, and time trial.

Cup mode is the "meat and bones" of the game. There are 12 courses in the game, divided into 3 cups of 4 courses each. Initially only first cup is available. Subsequent cups is unlocked by finishing in the top 3 for the current cup.

Quick race random choose one of the courses you've unlocked through Cup mode and lets you play against full set of opponents.

Story mode lets you play some "mission based" racing. For example, in the first mission, you have to make sure that Nitrous Oxide does NOT win. That's much harder than you think, as it basically means getting in between Nitrous Oxide and Nena the Panda and use weapons on Nitrous Oxide to delay him and keep him behind you, while you stay in front of Oxide to absorb HIS weapons. In the next mission you need to collect more whumpas than Nitrous Oxide. Each "mission" provides a different challenge.

Finally, time trial just let you race the course(s) available with NO opponents, no bonus crates, no weapons. However, the road hazards like "holes in the road", "crushers", and more are stil there. The objective is to finish in the least amount of time possible. Top times are recorded in "best times".

The graphics are excellent and full 3D, with plenty of scenary and action items on and off the course. Boost pads are of course all over the place. And plotting your way from one to the next can seriously cut your lap times. Courses contain plenty of hazards without the ones left by the players. If you don't hit the boost pads right on the big jumps, you may not make the jump or you miss the landing zone. If you forgot to "hop" you'll get fried by laser beam or fall into "potholes". Crushers will flatten you into a skateboard, and there are plenty of weapons to go around as well.

There are plenty of things to "collect" on the course during the race. Whumpas are worth bonus points. Plenty of random crates around to give you a random item, from shields to missiles, from voodoo mask to oil slick, some defensive, some offensive. All have multiple uses in multiple situations. You can also collect "letters" that spell "CRASH", which, if completed will unlock additional player characters (initially, only Crash, and Dr. Cortex are available).

Controls are responsive, and different vehicles behave a little differently. You can do regular turn AND drift turns. Keys can even be remapped if you don't like the default stuff. Music gets a bit tiresome, and sound effect ain't the greatest, but at least they are appropriate.

All in all, Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart Racing 3D is one of the better mobile racing games to come along, with multiple modes of play, and should stay on your phone for a long time.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10
Pros: lots of fun courses, lots of things to do, frantic racing
Cons: course can be a bit TOO tough, story mode missions too much
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