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Mobile Game Review of "Mexican Wrestling"

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Mexican Wrestling is one of those cute action games that has a lot of potential, if they had only put a little less emphasis on the action.

Basically, you're the new kid on the Lucha Libre (free style wrestling) circuit and you will want to fight all 26 guys, in order of ability, to make it to the top of the heap. Another wrestler will advise you on the way, but most of what he said will be obvious.

And the action is simple... single tap toward enemy is advance one step. Double tap toward enemy is "charge", single tap in the opposite direction is block. Double tap in opposite is step back. Up is to "grapple", down is the kick, and OK is the punch . Grapple leads to the choke, which is a matter of timing. If you time the chokes just right, you can initiate hold or throw. Hold does less damage, but is easier to perform. Throw is harder as you have to keep balance, but generates more damage. The idea is to wipe out the other guy's endurance before he does it to you. Then you can hold him down for the 3-count.

The first guy is deaf and blind (ha-ha!) but he has good instincts. Well, you get the idea. The guy at the end is good at everything so you will have to be VERY good to defeat him, and all the others before him.

Regular punches and kicks serves to remove the "power", measured by number of chili peppers. Power regrows as you land more hits and receive less. Having more peppers around means you do more damage when you do your throws and holds. However, the enemy attack is relentless (except for the blind guy) and you'll need to be quick on the button to hold on to your peppers and counterattack.

Between matches you can use the macho points you earned to upgrade your wrestler, from basic abilities to special moves so you don't repeat yourself, and thus cause a "reversal" where the enemy attacks you instead.

All in all, Mexican Wrestling is a touch little action game with a hint of RPG (upgrading your skills and moves). However, there's a bit too much emphasis on action, and the end result isn't as good as could have been.

Overall rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: easy to learn, cute look (2D sprites), cute theme
Cons: hard to master, some lag in controls, looks a bit backwards

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