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First started in late 2007, Kasey's Mobile Game Review (then just a regular feature of Kasey's Korner) started as a simul-post between here and IGN. Later I realized there's no reason to post it twice, when I can use the traffic on my own site. so, here we are, in 2010, and the mobile game industry has grown a bit. What do you think?

Preview of BIG upcoming reviews...

Cover of "Missing in Action"Cover of Missing in Action

Here are some of the biggest names coming down the review pipeline!

(EA) Wolfenstein RPG: yep, the DOOM and Orcs & Elves engine makes a return to mobile, this time as Wolfenstein! Borrowing elements from the original Wolf3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and some other ID games you already know and love... This game is as much injokes on id games as much as it is about B. J. Blaskowicz's adventure in Castle Wolfenstein and Nazi's involvement with the occult. Same "3D turn-based" action, syringes (potions) to synthesize, weapons and ammo to collect... and plenty of enemies to kill, both undead and regular. At the end, you'll also find BJB's relationship to one other main character in another id game.

(Gameloft) Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain: wow, Chuck Norris lending his name to a game? Except this game is all about the "Chuck Norris Facts". Lampooning his involvement in films such as Delta Force and Missing in Action, as well as Walker Texas Ranger, our commie fighter Chuck Norris must fight his way through hordes of commies and take down two bosses, none other than Fidel Castro (manning a jetpack) and Kim Jong-il (of North Korea) driving a tank. However, past all the jokes, it's basically a 2D shooter/ beat-em-up, but one with bit of attitude.

(Gameloft) Zombie Infection: a 2D shooter that manages to squeeze an amazing amount of plot, as you, controlling 3 different characters, battle a horde of zombies that have taken over Manhattan. Remember, go for headshots. You'll search all over for stuff here, stuff there, Lots of weapons to find, ammo to gather, and even improve your weapons as you go. Even a subgame called "van rush" mode... mow down as many zombies in your van without hitting barrels or trash bins! Plot twists keep on coming, you don't know who's bad and who's good will the end... and the boss fight at the end is a classic.

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