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Personal Records for "Tiki Towers"

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Tiki Towers by RealArcade Mobile is one fun game, it kept ME coming back for more (and more). Here are some personal records that should be challenging for all of you... Try to beat it. I'll try to add video shots later.

NOTE: In order for the solution to count, all monkeys must make it to exit with all bananas (i.e. a "perfect" solution). Also, it must be repeatable. If I quit the game and load the solution again, the same thing must happen. It doesn't matter if the bridge collapsed after the last monkey. If the run is not repeatable then the solution does not count. All solutions I provided are repeatable.

NOTE2: The "rotation" engine is sometimes a bit flaky. On the rotating puzzles, if you can come within 1 or 2 sticks you are good.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is the intro level that eases you into building. Levels are easy, and bamboo sticks are plentiful. However, you will be challenged in eco-mode when you need to take away sticks.

BL1: How to build a tower

Eco-mode: 6 (left)
Min solution: 7 (!)

Hint: monkeys don't need to climb full towers. They can climb single sticks.

BL2: Bridge Building Basics

Eco-mode: 4
Min solution: 5 7 8

Hint: a bridge can bend, and using a single stick to "swipe" a banana should be a standard tactic. One of them don't need swiping. Double anchor on the free side.

BL3: Advanced Bridge Building

Eco-mode: 8
Min solution: 9 14 15 (!)

Hint: a bridge does NOT need to be solid. A suspension rope bridge works fine. In fact, that iron block, if "pushed" over, allows the monkeys to jump the gap without needing any bridge at all.

BL4: Mixing it up

Eco-mode: 8
Min solution: 11 17 20 22 (!)

Hint: bridge does not need to be solid... neither does a tower

BL5: Up and Down

Eco-mode: 9
Min solution: 23 (!)

Hint: a stick of bamboo can go "through" solid things... if it "fell" that way. This can make an excellent ladder for both sides.

BL6: leap of faith
Eco mode: 4
Min solution: 12 14 16 (!)

Hint: even a suspension bridge does not need to be solid, just solid "enough", thus... suspension rope bridge.

BL7: Hanging out

Eco mode: 12
Min solution: 15

Hint: use gravity and the swing of the arms to "lead" the monkeys, rather than building something they'll jump onto.

BL8: Do you swing?

Eco mode: 10
Min solution: 14

Hint: suspension bridge can be just two sticks...

BL9: Balance of tower

Eco mode: 2
Min solution: 22 23 (!)

Hint: use a falling stick to catch 4 of 5 bananas. Then build hook / rope arrangement so the monkeys have a path to go down.

Wuthering Heights

The levels are harder as the monkeys can fall to their deaths now.

WH1: Wheel of fortune

Eco: 2
Min: 4 5 (!)

The trick is proper placement of the sticks to snag the bananas, as well as unbalance it enough so the monkeys can get on the swinging.

WH2: Amusement Park

Eco: 4
Min: 15 16 (!)

This one needs two separate structures: the not-round wheel, and an asymmetrical swing. The problem with the swing is make it just sturdy enough for multiple monkeys.

WH3: Laundry Day

Eco: 10
Min: 19 22 (!)

Build the downward triangles JUST strong enough... which means start removing internal structures of them until they can't stand the monkeys' weight.

WH4: Dirty laundry

Eco: 4
Min: 16 19 (!)

The long rope will lead the monkeys left to the edge, then build something that let them cross the gap

WH5: Aerobatics

Eco: 4
Min: 10 11

Linking the two nodes together sturdy enough, then build a bridge from the right node to the destination.

WH6: Bananarama

Eco: 4
Min: 13 20 (!)

Build single-bamboo ladder from anchor, then 2-anchor ladder from cliff, then single falling stick banana catcher.

WH7: Platforms a plenty

Eco: 11
Min: 18 23 (!)

Make the bridges self-supporting by hanging them on the platforms.

WH8: Golden Arch

Eco: 1
Min: 7 24 (!)

Should have taken my own advice. With Patrick's inspiration (see comments) I redesigned the bridge from scratch (the 7 saved solution was a cantilever bridge) I went to minimalistic suspension bridge with TRIPLE anchor (somehow double keeps collapsing) and that with a few sweep sticks worked just fine.

WH9: Super Collapse

Eco: 11
Min: 22 23 (!)

A rope and a falling stick is really all you need!

Barbeque Pit

Lots of lava around, lots of bridges to build...

BP1: Bridge over troubled lava

eco: 2
min: 11

Your first thought may be see-saw. Instead, build rope bridge instead.

BP2: Hot hot hot

Eco: 5
min: 12 18 (!)

Two structures are needed... One is a ladder that goes up to the finish, and the other would be a ramp to lead the monkey up to the bananas but not so weak that they fell off.

BP3: Inventing the wheel

eco: 1
min: 5 or 7 (!)

A wheel does NOT have to be square. However, the engine is a little inconsistent. The 7 solution only works sometimes.

(updated up to here)

BP4: Extreme Trapeze

eco: 4
min: 9

Actually, no trapeze are needed. What you need is a "hanger" up top with two LONG ropes.

BP5: Heavy Metal

eco: 6
min: 10 13 (!)

The trick is to utilize that metal tower, and get it to fall the right way AND get the monkeys to jump on.

BP6: High Wire Act

eco: 2
min: 10

As stated before, a "rope" can be composed of fewer internal structures. Divide it up a little to distribute the force, and it'll reach quite far.

BP7: No Safety Net

eco: 7
min: 24 (!)

Hanging rope can be made strong enough with very few sections.

BP8: Wheely Interesting

eco: 3
min: 9

A wheel does not have to be symetrical, just sturdy enough to span the gap.

BP9: Towering Inferno

eco: 3
min: 9 10 (!)

Multiple parts... one rope / half-bridge at start, one 2-section rope to right, then one see-saw on top. You may save a few on the see-saw if you see a way to simplify it.

Big Giant Head

BGH (or just BG) are more challenging then before, as bananas are now more spread-out.

BG1: Takeshi's Monkeys

eco: 6
min: 17 (!)

The structure on the left, that climbs all the way up, doesn't need to be solid, or even a rope. Monkey can jump. The wheel doesn't need to be solid either...

BG 2: Teeter-Totter

eco: 4
min: 8

The rotating wheel can be very "random" in terms of effect. Thus, the min solution will vary somewhat, but you should be able to do 5 at least. The idea is to make it "wide" enough to span the gap, but rotate JUST enough so it's perfectly up/down/left/right. The above 8 involves destroying the wheel, but it was a perfect solution.

BG3: No Breaks!

eco: 5
min: 9

Top is an asymmetrical wheel, the asymmetry force it to rotate so it the protrusion will drop into the gap, making a perfect "buttress". The bottom portion would be "fan" to span the section, or however, you want to span it with minimum number of sticks.

BG4: Labyrinth of Doom!

eco: 2
min: 18 (!)

Standard ropes are quite sufficient for the monkeys to descend the heights. The only problem you may have is that bridge in the middle right side. Use a "lead rope" to tease the monkeys along.

BG5: High Hopes

eco: 2
min: 14 (!)

You may be tempted to build a tower over a collapsing bridge, or collapsing tower over a bridge. Don't. Neither will last long enough to do its job. Instead, use the straight-up stick/rope to grab the bananas, and building a bridge just long enough to fall over and land on the other side. Add a bit of free stick on the ground as drag anchor and the bridge will not shift far enough to fall off.

BG6: Dangling Bits

eco: 6
min: 13!

Single strand of sticks can form rope strong enough... if you connect them right.

BG7: Balconies of Pain

eco: 3
min: 11 (!)

My approach is to form a central "beam" around that center "joint", then trail various "ropes" to where you need to go. The rope leading up to the finish needs to be extra long as it needs to be "drag anchored".

BG8: Ninja Test

eco: 5
min: 15 (!)

Build stick ropes from joint to joint. Add sticks to "drag" the bananas. You'll use too many sticks if you try to build swinging platforms as those need to be reinforced.

BG9: Bodacious Banana Basement

eco: 3
min: 13 (!)

Start with a falling bridge, then anchored rope down to first metal triangle. Link the other two triangles, reinforce if needed, then add a link at the bottom triangle so the monkeys can land and move to the exit.

Mystery Island (MI)

Difficult and challenging, this is.

MI1: Beginning of the end

eco: 1
min: 7 13 (!)

Two "platforms" based on the metal triangles will suffice as the launch and landing. Linking the two will be a rope, with another rope reaching down the middle to the final banana. The exit platform will probably need to be reinforced, which will cost more sticks.

MI2: Watch your head

eco: 8
min: 15 (!)

Ah, this is a fun one. The name should give you a clue: falling objects. So you will need to drag that thing at top off the top, and build something that will fill the pit just enough so the monkeys can get past. As it happens, a X-shape is good for one side... The top parts splay out and fall against the sides, giving the monkeys a way to jump up and go across. Then you'll need to build a rope JUST long enough so multiple monkeys try to climb it, and drag it off the top, without breaking the rope.

MI3: Ferris Wheel

eco: 5
min: 7 15 (!)

Actually a swinging rope will work, if you can get enough of them to sweep the bananas for the monkeys. The idea is to bridge the gap as the monkeys can jump the smaller platforms without help.

MI4: Rough Landing

eco: 8
min: 14 16

have the monkeys drag that metal structure down from the top, sweep most of the bananas down.

MI5: Let it all hang out

eco: 1
min: 9 11 (!)

Link the metal strands together the best you can (except the lowest one), and it should be good enough. Dangle a rope or two. The last one leading to the exit should be VERTICAL (which should reach the other node).

MI6: Mind the gap

eco: 1
min: 4 18 (!)

You may be thinking of building a bridge all the way across. Don't. Drag the metal structure down to fill in the pit and the monkeys should cross both with no problems.

MI7: Obnoxious Obstacles

eco: 1
min: 5

You'll need a LOT of structures to bridge the many gaps here.

Build just enough to get the monkeys up and over the gap. Build something that'll "slant" the triangle so the monkeys will go down and then up the other side to get the two bananas down the passage. You also need to build a small bridge down there so one monkey can cross. Then use the joint above to build a balance beam, with sticky stick to grab the banana off to left. Finally, build a bridge leading up to the last banana. Use that fixed joint to help in ridigity can help you save a stick or two. That metal strand will go down to the exit.

MI8: Extreme Engineering

Eco: 4
Min: 16 (!)

First, a balance beam to the left at the joint, so grab that banana off to left. The rest will go down to right, so build them a flex path down and grab that banana to right. Also, build a wheel below the lava pit so it'll roll into place just under the ledge to the exit. Add a "rope" to the flex path so it'll reach the wheel so the monkeys can get all of the goodies.

MI9: Final Challenge

eco: 2
min: 7 (!)

Two tricks to this level... First... a stick as a "drag anchor" so the chain doesn't take the banana into the lava pit. Second, designing the "falling bridge" so it'll still cover the gap despite falling and tumbling down that path. It does NOT have to be a wheel.

Keep in mind that I WILL be improving these records... Stay tuned!

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  1. saving 21 in golden arch (always working)

  2. 21 in "WH8: Golden Arch?" It's clear you didn't go for the arch. Suspension bridge? Oh, yes, I see how you did it. Thanks for the inspiration. New record: 23! (No, really, beat you by two, repeatable)

  3. good job. i just redid mine again and got 24 =D

    you should rework your other highscores btw xD

  4. Could you post a screenshot of MI Let it all hang out?
    Can't figure it out!!
    All other levels gold!