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First started in late 2007, Kasey's Mobile Game Review (then just a regular feature of Kasey's Korner) started as a simul-post between here and IGN. Later I realized there's no reason to post it twice, when I can use the traffic on my own site. so, here we are, in 2010, and the mobile game industry has grown a bit. What do you think?

Update to Mobile Reviews

Games Already Reviewed

Destroy All Humans 3: Crypto Does Vegas -- Crypto's back to vaporize more humans for more DNA... (reviewed on IGN)

Small Arms Mobile -- XBLA game made it to mobile... platform shooter is a bit of fun. (reviewed on IGN)

Elven Chronicles -- console style RPG on a mobile, kinda fun, except for the final battle. (reviewed on IGN)

Grey's Anatomy -- yes, there's a game too. You play Meredith, as you work through Seattle Grace. The "surgeries" are minigames, and you can answer quizzes and search for bonuses around the various rooms to keep going. Not bad. (reviewed on IGN)

Sushi Shuffle -- match-3 gameplay pushed to new heights, plus several other minigames to keep you refreshed. (Reviewed here)

Shadow Walker -- female ghost hunter seeks out origin of the ghost ship... 2D platform game. (Reviewed on IGN)

Leisure Suit Larry: Love 4 Sail -- a new LSL adventure NOT related to the old LSL game of the same name, not as raunchy as before, more like slapstick and sitcom (reviewed on IGN)

Stranded: A game of survival -- basically, LOST into a game, with nature log (reviewed on IGN)

Dead Rising -- port of the 360 Zombie Survival Horror game (reviewed on IGN)

The Incredible Machine -- old PC classic turned into mobile game, some puzzles too hard, you're rated by can you solve it in a SINGLE attempt, or not. Not that fun (reviewed on IGN)

The Simpsons: countdown to meltdown -- Homer and his pig caused Springfield to go nuclear? Better save the day. Cute as you do have lots of objectives here and there (reviewed on IGN)

Saints Row -- the gangland game ends up as a GTA clone with not enough pixels. (reviewed on IGN)

Asphalt 3: Street Rules 3D -- decent racer, bikes or cars, in 3D (reviewed on IGN)

Military Madness -- turn-based strategy, unbalanced by way-too-powerful air units. (reviewed on IGN)

Monkey Ball Twist and Tilt -- cute game that has you balancing a ball with a monkey inside, try to get him to land on the platform without falling off isn't as easy as you think. (reviewed on IGN)

Scarface: Money, Power, Respect (not the same as Scarface: Rise of Tony Montana) -- better version of Tony Montana as game, more GTA like (reviewed above, permalink soon)

Atlantis Sky Patrol -- Zuma variation, movable launch point, more bonuses, upgradeable launcher, and ability to stop the waves from coming, 100+ levels! (reviewed on IGN)

Emergency Mayhem -- drive one of three emergency vehicles (police, fire, ambulance) around the city, responding to emergencies, which is basically 2D driving game, leading up to a minigame as the emergency. There are only six minigames total, so you can be sure you'll get bored VERY quickly. (reviewed above, permalink soon)

Stand Down 3D -- Prey 3D with new set of enemies and levels (reviewed on IGN)

Action Hero 3D -- 2D platform game rendered in 3D instead, cute manga style presentation (reviewed on IGN)

White House Rumble -- boxing game as political satire (reviewed on IGN)

Rush Hour Taxi Trouble -- your basic "sliding" puzzle where you need to get a "taxi" to the exit by moving other vehicles within the limited space. (reviewed on IGN)

Prince of Persia Classic -- the classic platform game made it to mobile with a few nice additions. Coins shows you areas you haven't explored yet as well as paths you should take. Butterfly will point you at a certain direction. Lots of levels and whatnot to figure out... they're all here. (reviewed on IGN)

Worms 2007 -- Worms classic artillery gameplay ported to mobile platform (reviewed on IGN)

Metal Gear Classic -- 2D stealth action? Not my cup of tea, but it looks right. (reviewed on IGN where it's called "Metal Gear")

MX vs. ATV Untamed -- Reviewed here

Destroy all Humans 2 -- Crypto goes... turn-based tactical? Closer to XCOM or Laser Squad than the original, this game has only a few missions, but quite good! (Reviewed on IGN)

Take Yer Meds fer Prizes -- ER Rush clone, with bronze/silver/gold ratings instead. (Reviewed on IGN)

Played but not yet reviewed

Imprisoned -- Korean import RPG, way too hard, but VERY deep, will give full review soon.

3D Metal Slug Mobile 3 -- Metal Slug Mobile 3, now with 3D flying enemies!

Gangstar: Crime City -- Gameloft's take on GTA... on a cellphone

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