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ANDROID SPECIAL: Steambirds Hints Part 4

Finally beat 1946 mission with 4 stars, and this means ALL missions are now passed with 4-stars!

One last general hint to share:  Turn to dodge!  you can turn faster than ANY enemy fighter, so you need to use that to prevent from getting hit. Enemy almost behind you? Turn! Enemy plane won't be able to make the turn and fly right by you.

And this is how I beat 1946 in Steambirds... With a bit of luck and the hint above. I'll number my planes from north to south P1 through P4. 

Turn 1:
P1 Turn northeast, heading just above the northern enemy, speed special engaged
P2 Turn north, max normal speed
P3 Turn south, max normal speed
P4 Turn southeast, heading just below the souther enemy, speed special engaged

Turn 2:
This is the crucial turn as it will determine your success or failure (i.e. your luck)

P1 Turn east or east northeast depending on if any of the blue enemies are arching north. If they are, go ENE to avoid them.
P2 Turn slightly west, so you're going WNW, start dumping gas
P3 Turn slightly west, so you're going WSW, start dumping gas
P4 Turn east or east southeast depending on if any of the blue enemies are arching south. If they are, go ESE to avoid, else go east.

The problems are P2 and P3, as they don't have speed to get away. P2 have shield, and P3 have U-turn. Worst-case scenario is the "green" enemy chases down P3 and shoots him before he can get away.

What usually happens is maybe one enemy will chase P1, and you have two or three chasing P2, two or three chasing P3, and nobody on P4. However, you need one more turn to see who's really chasing who. 

If you did not get hit up to this point, you should have a good chance getting 4-star performance. Basically, the P2 and P3 make tight circles toward the enemy (probably turning EAST) drop gas periodically and try to lead the enemies through it (but always turning) cutting through the gaps in its own gas clouds. P1 and P4 use speed to circle around and join the fight and/or kill any of their own pursuers by leading them past each other.

It takes a bit of patience but it can work.

Some "theoretical maneuvers"

The K-turn -- you need a plane with a U-turn capability. Basically, you make a tight right turn (minimum air speed), engage U-turn, then come out making a right turn. This theoretically should get you behind any enemy that was chasing you.

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