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Mobile Game Review of "The Bourne Conspiracy"

IGN can't even let me review The Bourne Conspiracy yet, as of May 5, 2008. So, here's the review...

It's a yawner. At least it's somewhat better than that previous game, Bourne Ultimatum. This one gets more of a 7, as they actually tries to make a game of it.

This game is basically a combination of several minigames... 2D platformer, a "dodge'em" driving segment, a "parkour" escape sequence, the "sniper evasion", and the occasional rappel section.

The 2D platformer is the heart of the game. The "parkour" is just a variation of it, as is the sniper evasion and rappel section. Basically, you control Jason bourne, and you sure know kung-fu. You can even grab enemy's weapon and shoot him with it. There's even an "adrenaline" gauge that you can fill up with kills that allows you to unleash "special takedown". But at its heart, it's just run left, run right, take out one opposition after another...

The "parkour" variation, or "free running", is basically the same idea, except there's no shooting. You basically have to keep moving, by jumping over low walls, roll under obstacles, but hitting the up/down keys at the right time (else you stumble, and if you stumble enough times, enemies will catch you).

Sniper Evasion is basically a super-hard version of the platform... A sniper has you in his sights... When his sights wander off, run to next cover... Take out enemies in your way without exposing yourself. Continue this until you make it to the end of the stage.

Rappeling is the most idiotic part of the game, IMHO. As you try to rappell down side of a building, two other goons flank you and start shooting. You can't go any faster, so you have to swing left and right and kick them off. Of course, as soon as you do so, more goons arrive, so you have to use those few seconds you gain as goons arrive to keep sliding downward. When you're back on level ground, it turns back into a 2D platform game.

The driving game is almost the same as... Dodge obstacles and thus keep your car running. Most you run into, the less your car will run. They added a cute segment where enemy on cars will try to jump on your hood and you have to shake them off ASAP.

At least this one follows the first Bourne film quite faithfully, but with a couple extra additions. You start in the park accosted by two police, then you must fight and escape (platform). You then remember the Wombosi mission (platform). Then you enter the US Embassy, and again, must escape (parkour). Then you get to Marie's car and do a driving sequence. Then the professor chased you down and you need to do sniper evasion... well, you get the idea.

The graphics are better this time around, better than that previous sorry excuse of a Bourne game. Music isn't much better, but at least the activities this time makes a bit more sense instead of that previous "running man" excuse. Except rappelling. That's still dumb.

All in all, Bourne Conspiracy (mobile) managed to catch a bit more of the atmosphere of the first Bourne film. However, it still seem to lack the viscereal action, the "use anything as weapon" melee, and the tense atmosphere that the movie excels in. This game looks recycled with a few improvements, and that's why it can only rate a 7.

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