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First started in late 2007, Kasey's Mobile Game Review (then just a regular feature of Kasey's Korner) started as a simul-post between here and IGN. Later I realized there's no reason to post it twice, when I can use the traffic on my own site. so, here we are, in 2010, and the mobile game industry has grown a bit. What do you think?

Review of "BIGFOOT: Yeti Lives!"

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BIGFOOT: Yeti Lives! is a cute little 2D platformer. Bigfoot is living comfortably when the news announced a series of attacks where a huge footprint was left behind and damages were done. Bigfoot knows he didn't do it, so it must be... Yeti. Thus, Bigfoot must travel the forest and mountain, fight his way to Yeti (and fight two other bosses on the way) and defeat him, and have him admit to his crimes.

Bigfoot has his ability to jump, and even move left /right while in the air. He can also kick, and do the special stink attack. In his way are a variety of human units, from students to professors to lumberjacks (with chainsaw!) to birds, most can be defeated by jumping on top of them. On the way, he can pickup "gold foot marks", extra life, bacon for the stink attack,

The animations are cartoony and quite good. The parallax scrolling is excellent and generally the game is leasing. However, at level 8, the puzzles are just a bit TOO HARD so that I cannot finish. The bosses are hard enough but not so hard as to be impossible, but when you can't figure out how to jump far enough to the rest of the level, there is indeed a problem with elvel design. Still, this is a fun 2D platformer and if you dig this, give it a try.
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Review of "Blue Mango Twist"

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Blue Mango Twist is an Korean import. While it's translated, it simply demonstrates that the Koreans are much more dedicated gamers than we are, and BMT is an extremely serious game disguised as a simple game.

BMT has you running a fruit juice stand, fresh-squeezed. You have to squeeze the juices while tending to your customers, and this makes it one of those "run-around" games similar to Diner Dash or ER Rush. However, this one has got a couple twist to it.

First of all, the juice squeezing part is a quick action puzzle. The fruits are coming down randomly mixed in 3 columns. You need to line the fruits up 3 pieces in a column to get them squeezed. There are 3 types of fruits, and you need to have the right juices ready for the customers. However, you also need to stock up as it takes 1 cup, 1 spoon of sugar, 3 cubes of ice, and 3 pieces of fruit to make 1 cup of juice. So before you even open you need to buy up supplies needed for the day. Fruit will spoil overnight and ice melts overnight, so you want minimum amount of wastage. (Later you can buy equipment that makes ice, stores fruit and ice, and so on).

Review of "Heroes: the official mobile game"

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Heroes: the official mobile game, is created by Gameloft, who has a pretty good record creating tie-in games to existing properties. Their game for "Live Free or Die Hard" (i.e. Die Hard 4.0) is quite good and a lot of fun. With Heroes, they got permission from the production team to create auxiliary stories that allow you to participate in some events in the Heroes universe that are hinted at but never shown, or only shown in brief. Fitting seamlessly into season 1, the result is a satisfying mobile game that's simple enough to play, and not extremely frustrating.

You'll play through several chapters as different characters, as the game takes on different personalities / genres.

When playing as Niki, the game is a beat-em-up like Street Fighter. Fun part is you can also pick up weapons and use them, as well as picking up objects and throwing them. Tables can be trashed. Cabinets can be thrown. Niki also has her special "extreme attack" that just kills everybody onscreen... if you can fill up her special power gauge.

Hiro, on the other hand, can slow down time to get past some extreme puzzles like laser triplines and guards and cameras, while push mirrors to get past other obstacles and traps. He's sneaking into the Linderman archives in order to locate the sword he needed. Obviously, the power is not infinite, so you need to save it for the times he REALLY need it.

And finally, you get to play as Peter, who can fly a bit, and at the end, fight Sylar in the showdown (albeit a bit extended for game reasons).

The view is sort of between "top down" and 3/4 view, roughly speaking. The sprites are a bit small but in true console fashion the portrait and dialog appear on the top. Writing is spot on, though Hiro did say too much Yataaaa! On easy level, the game can be somewhat frustrating at the later beat-em-up levels, but it is passable after a bit of practice.

All in all, the tie-in feels quite tight and unforced, and certainly adds to the Heroes lore. Highly recommended for any Heroes fan, and there are a lot out there.
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Celebrity Detective Mobile Game

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This mobile game review is on Celebrity Detective.

Apparently this game is so new or so lousy, its own maker, Skyzone, don't even have a page for it yet.

Basically, this game is hangman on steroids, with a silly story to boot. You're a detective, and hot on the trail of a celebrity kidnapper/stalker, who just made away with another celebrity. However, he left behind some random-note type clues. The most wrong letters you guess, the further away he gets. If he got to the getaway vehicle, you lost. If you catch him (i.e. solve enough puzzles that you caught up to him) before then, you arrest him and you win. You get medals and better rank (and slower "progress" in later cases) as you get more wins.