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Celebrity Detective Mobile Game

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This mobile game review is on Celebrity Detective.

Apparently this game is so new or so lousy, its own maker, Skyzone, don't even have a page for it yet.

Basically, this game is hangman on steroids, with a silly story to boot. You're a detective, and hot on the trail of a celebrity kidnapper/stalker, who just made away with another celebrity. However, he left behind some random-note type clues. The most wrong letters you guess, the further away he gets. If he got to the getaway vehicle, you lost. If you catch him (i.e. solve enough puzzles that you caught up to him) before then, you arrest him and you win. You get medals and better rank (and slower "progress" in later cases) as you get more wins.

If you lose, the stalker sends you a picture from a sunny island somewhere. If you win, the stalker gets the "inmate photo" treatment. Unfortunately, your "stats", like how fast you caught, win vs. loss, and so on was not recorded in any form. And the names do repeat after a while, so you pretty much have things memorized if you play for a few hours.

The hints are rather cute, as they reference things quite obliquely. If an actor/actress was in a movie, the hint would say "'s script". If an actor/actress was involved with someone, the hint would say "'s key" or "'s ring" if that's a full married relationship. So you pretty much have to know a lot of pop culture celebrity trivia to figure these out ASAP. Remember, every wrong letter means the perp gets a little further away!

You can choose between male or female persona, which affects the celebrity that gets nabbed (the opposite gender).

There's two additional modes, but neither seems to be much fun, as they are the same game with slightly different scoring mechanism.

There's a global scoreboard but the scores on it are ridiculously high (in the four TRILLION range last I checked) so there's really not much point trying to break into the top 100.

You could download additional name packs, but why?

This game is fine if you like the hangman genre and enjoys a bit of pop celebrity trivia. If you don't, this game won't change your mind.

Overall: 5.5 out of 10, nothing special to it.

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